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Dietician Counselling

Manipal Hospital takes a holistic approach to patients' needs and that includes counselling for nutrition. While at the hospital, our in-house dieticians ensure that lactating mothers and women who have undergone surgery in this department get the best food commensurate with their needs and culinary habits. Our doctors understand that getting nutrients is a continuous process and the best person to advice is a qualified professional nutritionist.

Understanding Patients' Needs:

While formulating, the counsellor also takes into consideration the demographic needs of the patients. Further tests for blood, urine and bone conditions are taken before arriving on a diet plan for the patient. The specialist involves the patient in the whole process by interacting with the patient. That includes scheduling several interviews to check on the patients habits in the past. Upon completion of this process, our specialists ensure that nothing but the best plan reaches the patient.

Advising Patient

Our dietician counselling begins by advising patients on their present conditions in a simple way. The first step consists of making a systematic analysis of the patient's needs individually rather than taking the general approach. They will be advised on their calorific needs and the minimum nutrients they need to include in their diet. When advising the patients, local availability of food ingredients and their social acceptability as it relates to their community are also taken into consideration.

Our dietician counsellors are practical when it comes to diet plan of an individual. From whichever region of the world the patient may come from, they understand the region's limitations as to availability of certain food types and local cooking habits.

Keeping in Touch with Patients

Our counsellors do more by way of educating patients on adopting good cooking practices they can implement when they return back to their homes after a successful stay with us. We keep our dietary department open at all times so that patients feel comfortable during their stay; our councillor is available from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00PM-5:00PM for consultation service. We even encourage them to remain in touch with our hospital counsellors and get all their concerns regarding diet and nutrition cleared.

This dept provides customised diet to patients which aids in faster recovery. Services include:

  • Nutrition assessment of patients in Intensive care units and Wards.
  • Customised diet to patients.
  • Customised diet counselling to out patients and inpatients.
  • Antenatal and Paediatric nutrition counselling
  • Weight loss programmes
  • Community nutrition programmes
  • Nutrition management of Type 1andType 2 diabetes Gestational diabetes
  • Pre op and Post op Nutrition management of Bariatric Surgery patients.
  • Nutrition support for in born errors of metabolism