Manipal Hospital has a long standing history of caring for the health needs of women-right from a routine gynaecological examination to preparing for child birth or treatment for a disorder. We offer an exceptional range of services and options. Being the safest and the best in the city, the department has skilled specialists ensuring the best and utmost obstetric care provided to every woman and her baby while the alert and compassionate staff in the maternity suites ensures a joyous and fulfilling childbirth experience and support you for family bonding. The birthing suite available for labour and delivery features pleasant and welcoming designs with rocking chair, soft beds and a dining area. The Lactation consultant provides support, encouragement and guidance for breast feeding mothers and new parents, to help boost their confidence and put them at ease.

Department of OBG at Manipal Hospital HAL Airport Road, Bangalore is dedicated to delivering the finest and most comprehensive woman's reproductive healthcare and prenatal care. We provide prenatal counselling, fertility advice, antenatal care and handling high risk pregnancy counselling, multidisciplinary management of medical conflicts in high risk pregnancies, excellent support from Department of Fetal Medicine, state-of-art Intensive Care Unit to manage complications. The luxurious rooms in the maternity suites welcome and pamper you along with your new born. Come and experience our supportive birthing environment. We invite you to visit today.

Some of the services offered by us are:-
  • Management of High risk pregnancy complications
  • Co-management of Gestational Diabetes and other high risk conditions
  • 3D and 4D Ultrasound imaging
  • Lactation support services

We understand that women are an important part of a family. To ensure her well-being and peace of mind, we treat each woman walking into our department with care and offer programs to anticipate the onset of any disorder that may affect the woman and offer medical care to prevent any disease that may have affected her already.

We offer expert care to expectant mothers with a high risk health condition or obstetric complication. Our expertise ensures that our patients and their babies are as healthy and comfortable as possible during all stages of pregnancy and delivery.

  1. Expertise in early assessment: Other medical conditions complicating pregnancy such as heart problems, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, advanced maternal age or multiple births
  2. Fetal Testing Services (to identify potential fetal health risks)
    • Non Stress Test (NST)
    • Ultrasound and Biophysical Profiling
    • Doppler USG Evaluation.
  3. Specialised Fetal Care - when prenatal testing reveals fetal health risks such as the following
    • Fetal growth restriction
    • Congenital heart disease
    • Neural tube defects like defects of the spine (spina bifida, i.e. defect in the spine) and brain (anencephaly, i.e. absence of the brain)
    • Fetal urinary tract abnormalities
    • Fetal anomalies such as hydrocephalus (swelling of the head with excessive fluid), achondroplasia (dwarf), omphalocele (protrusion of the gut through an abdominal defect), cleft palate / lips and heart defects (such as "hole in the heart")
    • Prematurity
    • Preterm premature rupture of membranes
  4. Appropriate specialists immediately assess and address potential complications
  5. Counselling for:
    • Triple Test, Quadruple Test
    • Amniocentesis, CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling)
    • Fetal scan to detect problems
    • Twins

Our focused care allows us to maintain the highest level of fetal health throughout-even the most difficult pregnancies. For the woman who require intensive care during pregnancy or delivery, our specialists in obstetrics medicine provide sensitive, comprehensive and complete first class care.

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