Manipal Hospital is known for its specialty care in all avenues of medicine and provides advanced medical health care for women, pregnant mothers and children. We provide you international standards of services for the detection, treatment as well as prevention of diseases in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. With the latest advances in our knowledge of the complexities of the female body, it has come to light that woman health care is more than just about care during pregnancy. A woman's body undergoes an array of hormonal changes right from puberty through pregnancy and menopause which in case of any malfunction cause health issues which have to be essentially dealt with at the right time and in the right way.


We being a multi specialty hospital are equipped with the best doctors and the latest facilities in Specialty and super specialty units. The check up and treatment are state of the art and the specialists at Manipal have years of experience. This enables us to provide an all round medical care ranging from contraception, reproductive disorders such as infertility, hormonal issues, postpartum depression, menopause etc. To be mothers can avail valuable counselling about their pregnancy. Pregnancy can be high risk at the onset because of pre existing conditions like hypertension, gestational diabetes mellitus, Hepatitis B and HIV, maternal age above 35 years, multiple pregnancies, pregnancy with Down syndrome, pre-term labour, post-dated pregnancy and pregnancy with previous C-section surgeries/ with other medical disorders, like SLE, post transplantation pregnancies like renal transplantation.etc. We are well equipped to handle all of them with our team of experienced doctors, fetal medicine and NICU facilities. At times a pregnancy not labelled high risk can develop sudden complications, which can be monitored properly in Manipal Hospital Bangalore.

Lactating mothers are taken on a course which details them on every aspect of taking care of the baby right from day one. Thus we pride ourselves in providing all round woman care.

Routine Ultrasound scans for both pregnant and non-pregnant women are extremely vital to monitor the health of a woman and we provide this service at international standards. Any sensitive evidence found in these scans is followed up by a specialised counselling session for the patient wherein the patient is briefed about the risks of the condition as well as possible solutions. Complicated procedures like Chorionic Villous Sampling, Amniocentesis and Fetal Blood Sampling are performed with much ease. Our experienced team of doctors along with the very warm support staff is here to give you the best possible care you could get.

Our Paediatric unit provides state of the art medical facilities for illnesses of infants, toddlers and older children. We have a dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) which is solely for care of newborn. The highlight of this department is that we lay greater emphasis for personalised services which aims to put your tiny tots in their comfort zone. We are well known for our excellence in performing complex paediatric surgeries with a phenomenal survival and recovery rate.

Apart from this we also provide Pregnancy and Childbirth classes, conducted by Mrs Haripriya who is a specialist in her field. Our periphery services include lactation consultation as well as dietary consultation which are very essential for first time mothers.

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