Physiotherapy is basically a form of non-surgical treatment for any disease or deformity. It involves the usage of therapeutic measures such as exercise, heat, electrical currents etc in order to re-stabilise the biomechanics between the muscles and bones. Since we are a multi specialty hospital we are advantaged to refer even patients with neurological and autoimmune conditions for physiotherapy. Thus our department services a varied clientele such as athlete with sports injuries, IT professionals with work induced orthopaedic stress and more often than not for post operative physiotherapy care. We also conduct wellness oriented programs to educate people and teach them how to overcome mobility and functional impairment caused due to lifestyle and environmental factors. Our team takes special interest to also benefit and aid the ageing community with compassion and care

Physiotherapy requires coordination and cooperation between the patient the therapist and most importantly the patient's family and caregiver in order to help the patient regain his previous lifestyle. Our therapist devices a comprehensive therapy plan by studying essential parameters, such as the physical condition, patient history as well as incorporating diagnostic results. Based on this the physiatrist prescribes exercises, massages and manual therapy when required and also educates the patient on how best and how quickly to regain a normal life.

The department provides Pregnancy and Childbirth classes which are conducted by Mrs Haripriya, an expert in this arena. The whole course consists of 5 classes during different stages of pregnancy. Each session is between 1 - 2 hours long and covers essential information such as an Introduction, the discomforts faced and most importantly the benefit of exercise during pregnancy during each trimester. It covers breathing and relaxation techniques and also an assessment of whether the birth will be normal or caesarean as well as the most important Labour and Lamaze techniques. And lastly a postnatal session for the mother and baby which covers baby massage as well as postnatal exercises and the possible challenges that the mother could face during breastfeeding, baby massage and post natal exercises.

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department at Manipal Hospital encompasses highly trained and professional physiatrists and a very adept auxiliary team who work efficiently in order to impart the best care to our patients and help them overcome their impairment and get back on their feet as soon as possible.

  1. Introductory Session and 1st Trimester Education (1 and 1/2 hours) (5-14 weeks)
    1. Introduction to Pregnancy
    2. Signs and Symptoms in 1st trimester of pregnancy
    3. Discomforts of Pregnancy
    4. Good nutrition during pregnancy to stay healthy
    5. Exercises to be done during 1st trimester in Pregnancy and useful postures
    6. Benefits of exercise during pregnancy
  2. 2nd Trimester Education (1 and 1/2 hours) (15-27 weeks)
    1. Signs and Symptoms in second trimester of pregnancy
    2. Exercise recommendation to be done during 2nd trimester of Pregnancy
    3. Good nutrition during pregnancy to stay healthy
    4. Relaxation techniques and Breathing strategies
  3. 3rd Trimester Education (1 hour) (28-35 weeks)
    1. Signs and Symptoms of pregnancy in third trimester of pregnancy
    2. Exercises and stretches to be done during 3rd trimester of Pregnancy
    3. Normal delivery and indications for Caesarean Section delivery
  4. Breast feeding and Lactation (1 and 1/2 hours) (28-35 weeks)
    1. Relaxation techniques and Breathing strategies
    2. Breastfeeding - Advantages to mother and child
    3. Correct Latching technique
    4. Expressing and storing milk
    5. Taking care of the new baby
    6. FAQs on Breastfeeding
  5. Labour and Lamaze Technique (2 hours) (28-35 weeks)
    1. Introduction and Basics about Labour and child birth
    2. The different stages of Labour and birth process
    3. Different Birth positions
    4. Different Breathing patterns and management of pain during labour
    5. Session for "Father-to-be" for Encouraging and supporting the "Mother-to-be" during labour and delivery
    6. Tips on Care of New Born
    7. Add on benefit for Mothers Post delivery. (1 hour) (2-4 weeks Post delivery)
  6. Postnatal Session for the mother along with the new born:
    1. Baby Massage
    2. Postnatal exercises
    3. Challenges in Breastfeeding
Therapeutic Measures During Pregnancy

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