Radiology is one of the most sought after medical services as it is used not only for diagnosing ailments but also for treating the same. Today at Manipal Hospital, Radiology department equipment right from simple X-Ray to state of the art MRI is available to scan the human body virtually from "head-to-toe".

Qualified radiologists work round the clock using some of the world's most modern diagnostic tools and ensure accurate results in minimum time. We provide Emergency radiology services-24x7 and conduct both diagnostic and interventional procedures on critically ill patients. Hence we provide not only prompt and accurate diagnoses in critically ill patients but also help treat them using interventional procedures like angioplasty and embolization.

We provide a number of radiology services for women and child health.

Radiology is important component of breast care services which are very effective for the early detection of breast cancer. The services include mammography, dedicated breast ultrasound, breast MRI as well as stereotactic and ultrasound guided breast biopsy. We are the first centre in India to employ Radio-guided Occult Lesion Localization-ROLL for treating small breast cancers.

Radiology services aid in pinpointing other ailments in women such as infertility and its causes, dysfunctional uterine bleeding etc. Interventional radiology plays an important role in treating a number of these like Fibroid Embolization, Fallopian Tube Re-cannulization etc.

Radiology of the new-born and children is known as paediatric radiology. Our experts are specialized to use all imaging modalities for the detection and diagnosis of any abnormality found in young children. We use advanced techniques and stringent protocols to minimize any unnecessary radiation risk to children.

Our experts diagnose and help treat ailments of the muskulo-skeletal, urological and neurological systems to name a few with specialized procedures like MR Arthrography, Intra-articular Injections, urinary stenting etc.


Manipal Hospitals' laboratories are accredited by National Accreditation for Laboratories (NABL) and also have ISO 9001-2000 certification. All services are delivered to international standards and manned by highly qualified pathologists, radiologists and other support staffs.

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