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Pranathi K

I was always told that for a healthy baby, I need to stay healthy. Eat healthy, sleep well and stay active. While I was doing all of these, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy period). I had no clue how and when I got diabetes until I went for an additional check-up. The test results showed indicated high blood sugar levels but my doctor resisted from starting any medication for this. However, in the 34th week, I noticed pre-term leaking and labour. Due to my condition, we were immediately referred to Manipal Hospital at HAL Airport Road. We reached at 2 am only to find that doctors are ready to take care of us. I gave birth to our little princess who had developed respiratory distress syndrome due to my diabetes. The expert Neonatologists took care of my baby with utmost care and made sure my baby was healthy. I thank Manipal Hospital from the core of my heart and wish that I had come here in the beginning to avoid complications.

Lakshman rao

Pregnancy and motherhood are the two most exciting phases in a woman's life and I was determined to make each step of it right. As a working urban couple, we made sure we do our work before take any step. We read about many maternity centres available in the city, but chose the place that speaks about taking care of patients like their own family. Manipal Hospital at HAL Airport Road was recommended to us by almost everyone we knew and was the most convenient destination for being a comprehensive hospital. Be it the doctors, nurses and various facilities, Manipal Hospital made sure we are aware of each and every detail that is required for us know, kept a check on my unborn child and me with its diagnostic services and attended the antenatal classes as scheduled. While I had a normal delivery with zero complications, my little boy turned out to be hero amongst the pretty and caring nurses. Thank you for taking care of us and sharing our joy!


They say you become moody when you are pregnant! I had become one for sure. From making unreasonable demands of having ice creams at mid-night, I had always told my doctor at Manipal Hospital at HAL Airport Road that I wanted a normal delivery. While she assured she'll try her best, she also told me, it all depends on the situation. When I was overdue by two days, I thought there wasn't any chance of having a normal delivery now, but the doctor said, 'That's still possible!' She suggested I go for induced labour and the very next day, I gave birth to my baby normally. Yes, you get what you want when you are becoming a mother and with doctors like you have in Manipal Hospital, you can be sure of it!


My wife was admitted in a well-known maternity hospital where the staff was ill equipped and not properly trained to handle complicated situations. They took four hours and still could not find a vein to give IV line for drip to my five hour old baby. To make situation worse, in those four hours, they kept on pricking my baby's body continuously. At last, with no success, they asked us to transfer our baby to Manipal Hospital at HAL Airport Road, Bangalore. I went to the doctor there, who found the vein in 10 minutes, and started on the required treatment immediately. The doctors started the treatment on arrival and in the next 3 hours, my baby was stable. We thank Manipal Hospital for saving our child's life.

Rahul T

When my wife was admitted under emergency situation at the time of the birth of our baby, I only knew one thing that Manipal Hospital will take care of both my wife and child; that they will be safe because of the doctors, nurses and all others who treat their patients with utmost care. My wife was critical after the child birth and so was our child who was kept under observation at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I am amazed at the quality of service and attention that has been provided to both. Under the best medical guidance and support from the staff members, the stay at the hospital has been very pleasant. I thank the doctors and nurses for answering to our incessant queries as well. Best wishes!