Congratulations! Your big day signals the beginning of a truly wonderful experience. We will provide the required support through an effective postnatal care, checking on you and your child and help you care well for your baby. We’re talking about screening tests, breastfeeding education, discussing any concerns which you might have, and much more.

Every birth is unique, but regular contractions usually mark the onset of labour. There are three stages to labour. The first stage is when your cervix gradually dilates due to contractions. In the second stage, your cervix is fully open. In this stage, your contractions help your baby move through your vagina. The third stage occurs after birth, when your womb contracts.

There are many ways to ease the pain of labour. Apart from medications like epidural, which is an injection that numbs the nerves transmitting pain from the birth canal to the brain, there are a number of ways of reducing labour pains without using medicines. You can try massage, heat packs, relaxation techniques like aromatherapy etc.

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